The Vampire Diaries Most Powerful Moments Over All Eight Seasons writes… Even though The Vampire Diaries came to an end earlier this year it is still by far my most favorite TV series of all time. The Vampire Diaries had some pretty epic moments, wouldn’t you agree? The series ran for 8 long and amazing seasons so I thought we could look at 10 of The Vampire Diaries most Powerful moments.

They say all good things come to an end but if I could bring any show back for one more season it would definitely be The Vampire Diaries. What was your favorite moment from the show? Let me know in the comments.

Damon Tells Elena he Loves Her, Then Compels Her to Forget:

The first time Damon shows his softer side in the series is the moment he tells Elena he loves her with a tear spilling out of his eyes. He then compels her to forget because he thinks Stefan deserves her more.

Damon And Elena’s Goodbye Scene:

This scene breaks my heart so much that I cant rewatch this scene. In this heartbreaking moment after Damon dies and he is telling her goodbye. The moment her hair moves when he touches her I turn into a sniffling, sobbing mess.

Alaric Chooses Death:

You would have to have a heart of stone for this one not to make you feel sad. When Alaric Chooses death over becoming a vampire, Damon brings him a bottle of scotch and they sit and have what they think is going to be their last drink together.

Elena’s Departure:

The fact that Nina Dobrev was leaving the show was bad enough without adding in this heart-wrenching scene. Everyone has a chance to say goodbye and it is filled with heartbreaking moments.

Elena Tells Damon She Loves Him:

The amazing moment Elena finally tells Damon how she feels. Damon takes a moment for it to sink in and looks up as if to say to Alaric I got the girl.

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Founders Ball Dance:

I literally get butterfly’s in my stomach when Damon and Elena have their first dance at the founder’s ball.

Caroline Admits She Finds Klaus Attractive:

Caroline finally admits to Klaus that they have a spark between them, they then go on to having a full make out session and having sex in the woods. I pray to god there are Klaroline moments in The Originals final season next year.

Damon Returns Home:

The best ever brotherly moment I have ever seen is this one between Stefan and Damon. You can feel the love in the room and I admit it made me tear up.

The Final Moment:

The last scene in The Vampire Diaries was indeed a huge heartbreaking moment. Just to see Damon reunite with Stefan again really choked me up.

Bonnies Funeral:

The fact that Bonnie is there giving them each a message through Jeremy is truly a beautiful moment that pulls at the heartstrings.

So that was my list, thanks for reading.

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