Upcoming Movie Remakes You May Not Have Known About

I was just browsing the web as I do and came across some movies that are in talks of being remade. One of the movies I think would benefit from a good nip tuck but the other 4 I don’t think should be touched at all. Here are 5 upcoming movie remakes that are rumored to be undergoing remakes.

Stuart Little:

The 90s movie based on a little mouse being adopted by human parents is rumored to be undergoing a remake. According to MovieWeb the Stuart Little Remake will follow in the footsteps of the original movie and will blend CG Animation with Live action. In my personal opinion, I didn’t think the original was that good to start with so maybe a remake is just what we need.

The Fly:

The gruesome 80s classic The Fly is set for a remake. According to Metro Fox who made the original are showing a big interest in doing the remake too. This movie was horrid and vomit worthy back in the 80s so I dread to think how it will look with the effects people can do these days day.


Some Disney movies just need to be left alone because they are perfect the way they are. This classic Disney movie is said to be directed by the James Bond director Sam Mendes according to Radio Times. Is nothing sacred anymore omg… Get some new movie Ideas and leave the classics alone!

Honey, I Shrunk The Kids:

Yet another 80s classic that is rumored to under go a remake… Seriously! According to Short List, Rick Moranis won’t be starring in this very unnecessary remake.


Oh wow look another f**ing 80s classic that doesn’t need to be remade according to Telegraph! This movie already looks to have inspired the American Pie movies so why on earth it needs a make over I will never understand. Find out where Porky’s ranked in my other post, Best 80s Comedies.

So there you have it 5 movies you may not have known were set for a remake. Whats your opinion on these movies undergoing movie surgery?

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