Toxic TV Show Couples We All Rooted For

What is a great TV series without a great romance? In some cases, we end up rooting for the most toxic tv show couples because… Well, actually I don’t know why… But we do. Here are the most toxic TV show Couples that TV has ever seen.

Where would we be without a bit of scandalous and toxic love in our favourite tv shows?  When I say we root for toxic relationships I mean the kind that just shouldn’t be together but at the same time we can’t help but want to happen. Here are my most favourite toxic TV couples… Which one is your favourite? Let me know in the comments.

Elena And Damon (The Vampire Diaries):

You could see from the start that Elena and Damon had amazing chemistry and were meant to be together. Elena seemed to bring out the best in Damon but even Damon knew their love was not right and that she should be with another human and not a bloodsucking vampire. Even though we knew Damon was a bad guy with a huge heart we still couldn’t help but root for him to get the girl.

Chuck And Blair (Gossip Girl):

Chuck and Blair were no doubt the perfect couple and were meant to be together but as the seasons go on it becomes apparent that all they do is hurt each other. I became very torn between Dan and Blair’s relationship and Cuck and Blair’s as I’m sure many other GG fans were too. Although the 2 fought like cat and dog and hurt each other on so many different levels we couldn’t help but wish them a happy ever after together.

Aria And Ezra (Pretty Little Liars):

The fact that Aria was a school girl and Ezra was her teacher at the beginning of the series should have been a big enough reason not to root for this amazingly attractive couple. Yet we still couldn’t help but root for them to end up together… Even when we found out Ezra was writing a book about the liars including his true love we still fought their corner.

Penny And Leonard (The Big Bang Theory):



This relationship was kind of a beauty and the beast story but with a hotty and a nerd. The couple’s relationship although super cute has not been without its complications such as Jealousy, communication issues and of course Leonards mom issues. Even though the 2 are compleat opposites we couldn’t help but rot for them to end up together.

Barney And Robbin (How I Met Your Mother):

Many fans rooted for the couple from the moment they got together. Let’s face it they had the same sense of humour and lots of fun together but the fact of the matter is this… Robin was always in love with Ted, there was always the fact that Barney was a player and its how he liked to be.



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