Top ten 80’s Music Icons 

The 80s was the decade I was born. It was also a decade of big hair, leg warmers, great movies and of course great music. Here is a list of the top ten music icons of the 80s. 

Some of the best music artists in the world came about in the 80s and let’s not forget it was also the decade of the most powerful power ballads ever heard. I’m a sucker for the 80s music and could happily listen to it all day. Sadly some of the 80s movie greats have left this earth in recent years but their music lives on. 

One – Michael Jackson. 


Love him or hate him he was a king when it came to music. With great hits like Bad, Smooth Criminal and Thriller who can deny that he deserves the top spot. Michael passed away in June 2009 due to substance intoxication. 

Two- Madonna. 


Madonna was a bit of a rebel in the 80s and was classed as a sex symbol. Everyone knows her music such as Like a Virgin, Like a Prayer and Holiday. 

Three – Queen. 


Freddie Mercury had one hell of a voice and amazing hit songs such as Bohemian Rhapsody, Don’t Stop me now and Somebody to Love. Sadly Freddy died November 1991 due to Bronchopneumonia brought on by AIDS. 

Four – Guns N Roses. 


This band was rock gods of the 80s with hits such as Sweet Child of Mine, Welcome to the Jungle and of course November Rain. 

Five – David Bowie. 


His death shuck thousands of loving fans in January 2016 when he passed away due to Liver Cancer. David was not just known for his amazing hits such as Under Pressure, Heroes and Space Oddity but was also the Goblin King in the 80s classic The Labyrinth. 

Six – Aerosmith. 


Another favorite band of mine is these guys. The lead singer Steven Tyler has a fantastic set of pipes, to say the least. They brought us hits such as Amazing, Love in an Elevator and Dude Look Like a Lady. 

Seven – George Michael. 


Sadly one of our most recent fallen stars. George brought us amazing hits such as Last Christmas, Faith and Careless Whisper. He passed away December 2016 but his music will forever live on. 

Eight – U2. 


It wouldn’t be a very good 80s list without including these guys who brought us hits such as Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking for, With or Without you and Beautiful day. 

Nine – Prince. 


So many greats have gone including the Prince of the 80s. He brought us hits such as Purple Rain, Kiss, and Little Red Corvette. He passed away on April 2016 due to an accidental overdose. 

Ten – Phil Collins. 


Phil is a great artist and his amazing voice can be heard in Disney movies too. He brought us fantastic hits such as Another day in Paradise and In the air Tonight. 

So there you have it. Was your 80s music icon in the list? Drop me a comment and let me know. 


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