Top 5 WTF Moments From American Horror Story

I’m a huge America Horror Story fan and can’t wait for the new season Cult. The show has brought us no end of mayhem, confusion, murder, and madness and we love it for that. I have loved every single season except the last one Roanoke which sadly I just didn’t enjoy. Anyhow, I bring you a list of the top 5 WTF moments from American horror story so far.

Discovering Your Dead:

In season one (Murder House) Violet ended up in a whirlwind romance with a very sexy ghost known as Tate, but it was the revelation of her true fate that came as my no1 most shocking moment. The moment when Violet discovers she is dead and her body is hidden in a crawlspace now that was a shocking moment.

Twisty Unmasked:

In American Horror Story Freak Show we met Twisty the clown and got the shock of our lives when he finally removed his mask revealing his true face.

Dandy’s Siamese Puppet:

I’m sure many American Horror Story fans remember Dandy. You know the guy right?… The spoilt man child who would do whatever he liked. Hell, the guy even made himself a Siamese copse puppet out of his mother and an Avon lady. Yup once you saw that s**t you couldn’t unsee it.


Jar Of Ma Petite:

A very sad moment in Freak Show was seeing Ma Petite in a jar after having her back accidentally broken by the strong man.

Tate Shoots Up The School:

Let’s go back to Murder House for my 5th entry. Tate is still undoubtedly still my most favorite American Horror Story character even now. It was a shock to the system that someone so positively handsome and such a sweetie (yes psycho but still a sweetie) could have done such a thing.

What was your most WTF moments from the show?

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