Top 5 Sexiest Male Singers on The Alternative Scene in Alt History

WARNING! This post may cause heart palpitations! As you gathered from the title, this post is to honor the top 5 sexiest male singers on the alternative scene in alt-history. These drop-dead, amazingly gorgeous, alternative men have made my heart race and palms go sweaty at the mear sight of them. Read on if you want to know who it is that makes me go weak at the knees.

Just for a bit of suspense, we will go from number 5 to my number 1 sex god. It’s hard to think but if these men don’t make your heart skip a beat then let me know who does. Drop me a comment and let me know who is your top 5 sexiest male singers on the alternative scene. With that said let’s jump right into this list…

#5 Tom Delonge:

Blink 182‘s Singer/Guitarist is one handsome guy. He has had many looks but in the music video, I Miss You he is at his most delicious. The black hair, the lip ring, suit and not to mention his ability to throw out a tune all helped to get him to my number 5 spot.

#4 Andy Biersack:

Also known as Andy Six, The singer from Black Veil Brides is definitely a drool-worthy competitor which is why he has reached my #4 spot. His eyeliner, baby face and kissable lips all contribute to his sexiness.

#3 Dahvie Vanity:

Where do I start with Dahvie from Blood On The Dance Floor? He has such a unique look with his over the top makeup, amazing hair and his full, juicy lips. Those reasons helped him come 3rd on my list.

#2 Gerard Way:

The singer from the band My Chemical Romance has always made me swoon but he definitely looked his best in the Helena music video. Seriously I literally just watched the video and my heart raced. Its the hair flick, pale skin, eyeliner and his amazing stare. Omg!!!!!!!!!

#1 Ronnie Radke:

It’s going to be quite hard to explain exactly how I feel about Ronnie from Falling In Reverse and why without sounding like a total crazy person… But I will give it a go. There are so many reasons he is my number one sexiest male alternative singer but I would be here all day if I actually listed everything. Let’s start off with his voice for a starting point, he is the best singer on the alt scene and you can argue with me all you like but nothing will change my opinion on that… So don’t even bother! Ronnie looks amazing no matter what he wears, how he styles his hair and even the eyeliner is irrelevant. Everything about him sucks me in and makes me weak at the knees from his bad boy attitude, Bambi brown eyes, and tattoos. I mean this guy even makes my palms go sweaty so it’s more than obvious that yup, I’ve got it bad for Ronnie, It also helps that he’s my age but even so I would be obsessed either way. Just look at him! you can not tell me that he is not the most gorgeous guy you have ever laid eyes on!

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Anyways before I go into too much detail and sound like a complete nut job I hope you liked my list and don’t forget to drop me a comment to let me know who makes your heart race. Thanks for taking time to read this post!


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