Top 10 Best Traps From The Saw Franchise

If it’s a good gore movie franchise you after then look no further because I can almost guarantee that the Saw movies are just what you’re looking for. I thought we could look into the top 10 Saw traps over the past 7 movies. Let’s get started… Warning if you don’t like gore then don’t go any further.

The traps featured in this blog post are here because of their pure creativity, also their physical and mental torture. I wouldn’t like to wake up and find myself hooked up to any of these that’s for sure. Let me know if you can think of any worse ones than I’ve listed. Without further ado lets jump straight into the top 10 traps from the Saw movies…

Flesh Scale Trap:

(Saw VI) Simone and Eddy Find themselves in a cell next to each other with a set of scales between them. They both are fitted with head pieces containing drills at each side of their head. The aim is to cut off the most chunks of flush to stop the drills. I’ve never been in this situation obviously, but if I was I don’t think I could chop my own flesh off.

Love Triangle Trap:

Basically, the girl has slept with both men and as in all saw traps, someone has to die. So both men go at trying to kill one another when the girl pipes up cheering them on. They realize she isn’t worth the fight and a saw cuts her in half.

The Needle Pit:

For anyone with a fear of needles, this scene must have been impossible to watch. In Saw II Amanda is thrown into a needle pit and has to hunt around for a key while a bunch of needles stick into her skin. Omg, I cringe just thinking about it.

The Fish Hook Trap:

Ok, so this is extremely hard to watch the woman has a key in her stomach attached to a string. In order to save her, he needs to pull the key out of her stomach. There are a few big problems though because Jigsaw never likes to make things too easy. The key is attached to a fish hook which will rip through her stomach and up her esophagus! As if that wasn’t bad enough the woman must stay quiet of spikes will go through her neck. Can you imagine how painful that would be!

Saw Off Your foot:

It’s not the worst one on the list by far but sometimes simple can be very effective. In the first movie, this scene was talked about everywhere and it was a case of would you wouldn’t you. The guy chined by the ankle has to saw off his own foot or his family may die.  If this was the flesh scale and my life was on the line then I don’t think I could have but if you put my family in danger, I will chop off both feet and my left arm to save them in a heartbeat never mind my foot.

The Pendulum Trap:

This poor guy is tied down to a table with a bladed pendulum swinging above him. In order to stop the pendulum from cutting him in half, he needs to crush his hands in the 2 vices at wither side of him. Even though he endures the pain of getting his hands crushed the pendulum carries on slicing him in half. Of course, we find out that the trap was rigged and the guy couldn’t have survived either way.

The Rack Trap:

The machine rotates each arm 360 degrees, then each leg and finally his head. What a horrid and very painfully slow death for someone to face.

The Horse Power Trap:

The guy in the car played by the late Chester Bennington is glued to the seat of his car. He has to rip off his back skin in order to stop the car wheels spinning on the suspended car and killing his girlfriend who is tied down underneath the car. He has to also try to save two of his friends one of which has his Jaw chained to the car and the other is tied in front of the car.  They don’t escape the trap and things go very wrong very quickly! Just seeing the skin peel away is enough to make you vomit in your lap.

Reverse Bear Trap:

This gruesome contraption is attached to the person’s head and 2 bits of metal go into their mouths which if it goes off before they get free their Jaw is pulled apart. This has been in the movies 3 times but only successfully has gone off once and the results are beyond disturbing to see.

The Angel Trap:

A woman is attached to a machine which if it goes off it will rip her ribs apart resulting in a horrific death. In order to save herself, she needs to get the key to the machine out of a beaker of acid. She manages to get the key but here is the kick in the teeth… The key won’t work and she is torn apart anyway.

What is your most memorable Saw trap? Drop me a comment and let me know.


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