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Throwback Horror Game Bioshock Review | PS4

Looking into the wonderful world of horror games with this throwback horror game Bioshock Review. Bioshock may be an oldie to the gamers of the world but it is definitely not a game to be forgotten. Here is my review of this fantastic game.

I’ve always been a platform kind of girl when it comes to the gaming world, playing games such as Crash Bandicoot, Mario, and all the other platform great’s… Until my husband introduced me to the wonderful world of first-person shooters a month back (which I have always turned my nose up at in the past). It wasn’t until he got me to give Bioshock a go that I thought Woah… I’ve been missing out for sure!
I took the PS4 controller in my hand and thought to myself there is no way a first-person shooter game was going to strike my interest but I was soon hooked.

Bioshock Review:

The first thing that got my attention was, of course, the amazing graphics and the gripping storyline. The game starts off with you flying over the Atlantic ocean when suddenly you find yourself swimming towards a lighthouse after your plane crashes.  When you make it to the lighthouse you find yourself entering a bathysphere which takes you to an underwater city called Rapture and that’s when the fun begins.

I admit for the first hour I was just kind of getting the hang of the controls which for someone who has never really had to use both analog sticks together, I did pretty damn well.

I don’t want to give too much away in case you haven’t gotten around to playing this game yet but basically, you soon learn that the underwater city is completely trashed and your fight for survival is on. You end up coming face to face with some pretty downright scary enemies and characters such as…


Splicers are the citizens of Rapture who have now gone insane due to ADAM use. ADAM is a substance harvested from a type of Sea Slug. The citizens were soon driven mad by the excessive use of ADAM and they turned into these deadly Splicers who will attack anything that walks.

Little Sisters:

Little Sisters may look adorable at first but you soon discover they have a disturbing soul purpose in Rapture. These little girls have been mentally conditioned and generically altered to reclaim ADAM from the Splicer corpses lying around the city. Although the little girls won’t try to hurt you their protectors the Big Daddy’s certainly will if you get too close to the girls.

Big Daddy’s:

Big Daddy’s are heavily armored, scary looking protectors of the Little Sisters, kind of a bodyguard figure if you will. If anyone dares get too close to the little girls when armed or anyone posing a threat to them will soon find a Big Daddy charing at them showing no mercy what so ever.  Although Big Daddy’s are not impossible to kill they are quite a challenge, to say the least. As you go on through the game if you pay close attention you will learn that as well as protectors these big daddies are also the handymen of Rapture.

The game is all in all very dark, action-packed and will keep you gripped without a doubt. As the story unravels you discover many twists and turns that will leave you shocked and hungry for more. I personally found it really hard to switch the game off once I got going.

My Ratings:

Graphics: 8/10

Gameplay: 9/10

Story: 10/10

Characters: 7/10

Enjoyability: 9/10

What were your thoughts on this great game? Let me know in the comments.


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