Things People With Anxiety Want You to Know

Anxiety might just seem like a small problem to someone who hasn’t suffered a panic attack before, but to be going through it is a whole different story. Here are some things that people with anxiety want you to know. If you know someone who suffered from anxiety then this post is for you.

Anxiety took hold of me 7 years ago just one day out of the blue, I literally thought I was going to die there and then. My chest went tight, I got rushes of heat through my body, My heart quickened and I felt the colour drain from my face. I still even now suffer terribly with anxiety it got so bad I had to turn to medication from the doctor.

If you have never faced an anxiety attack before then it’s pretty hard to understand what someone who does have them is going through… Here are some things that people with anxiety want you to know.

It can’t just be switched off at will:

When a panic attack occurs it’s very hard to shake it off. It’s like telling someone with a broken bone if they don’t think about the pain it will go away.

Sometimes I have no idea what has caused this awful feeling:

I could be sat having a cup of coffee and out of nowhere, a panic attack could strike. There is no reason for it coming on but sometimes it just happens.

It’s not that I don’t want to be there:

If I cant make it to an event or a party please don’t hate me if I change the plan at the last moment it’s not me… I want to be there but my anxiety won’t let me.

My brain never switches off:

I constantly analyze everything in my life even just a trip to the shops caused my thoughts to go into overdrive.

Asking If I Am Ok:

Constantly asking if I’m ok is not helping me instead it makes me more worried. Instead, tell me you’re there for me and make me laugh.

Living with anxiety is hard enough without feeling alone so please don’t give up on me. I am not like this by choice and if I could make it go away I would. If you know someone with anxiety please just let them know that you are there for them.


2 thoughts on “Things People With Anxiety Want You to Know

  1. It seems that it is a serious issue globally what you have said it is all thruth, i’m also a victim of anxiety & believe me i’m also going through the same situation & it is not easy thing to cope with, but I would like to advice many of us who are facing the same situation, that we have to try by all means to be positive minded even though it is not easy at all & also take some medication to come your nerves or even take the Valium capsules, it helps alot believe me it is what keeps me going and camomile tea as well it also help so please I appeal to my brothers and my sisters out there to take care of ourselves and let’s fight this demonic disease all together

  2. Thank you so much for your comment. It can sometimes be a lonely place being trapped inside our heads and we forget other people suffer from this horrid illness too.

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