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Scariest PS4 Game I’ve Ever Played… So Many Jump Scares

Last night I can across a game in the PS4 store, I decided it looked creepy so my husband bought it for me. Once I started playing the game I soon realised this was the scariest PS4 game I’ve ever played!

What is the name of this terrifying game I hear you ask… The game is called Layers Of Fear. I’ve overlooked this game so many times thinking it was a little too cheesy for my liking but I was completely wrong. The game starts off slow and out of nowhere, the fear takes over.

About The Game:

In this psychological game, you play as an insane and very disturbed painter. As you navigate around his mansion you soon notice that things begin to change and you have problems to solve. With each level of the game the game intensifies and jump scares are never far away. The game was released in February 2016 and is definitely not a game to be overlooked.


The game’s graphics are brilliant and the game itself has a very eerie feel which only gets worse the more you play. I am not very far in the game and I have lost count of how many times I have, jumped and screamed at the jump scares this game holds. I can’t wait to get further into it and see where the story is going to lead.

Second DLC Layers Of Fear: Inheritance:

There is also a follow-on to this fantastic horror game called Layers Of Fear: Inheritance which was released in August 2016 where you play as the painter’s daughter.This DLC focus’ on her apparent relapse into trauma after returning to her old house. I can’t wait to begin playing this one too as in the trailer it looks even more messed up than the first one. I will leave the trailer below for anyone who missed it… Happy gaming!




2 thoughts on “Scariest PS4 Game I’ve Ever Played… So Many Jump Scares

  1. I thought the game was fun but not entirely scary. The psychological aspects were refreshing as opposed to the standard “fight, run or die” formula. Still though, it struck me as a game that was trying to be a cross between Silent Hill, Outlast and Resident Evil and missed the mark.

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