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My Real Paranormal Experiences

I have read so many people’s posts where they share their paranormal experiences so I thought I should share mine. I kid you not these ghostly encounters truly happened to me and I no reason to lie about any of it. I would love to hear your ghostly encounters so please feel free to share your stories with me. I’ve always been curious about the paranormal and this curiosity sparks from my second ghostly encounter as a child.

I was about 7 years old when I encountered my first ghost and it is an experience I have never forgotten. When I was a child I lived with my grandparents in a lovely big house. One night while I was in the bath when something by the door caught my eye. Nothing was there so I just carried on playing when suddenly a little girl appeared by the door, she was wearing Victorian style clothes and her hair was a mess. I froze, I tried to scream but nothing would come out and she disappeared. Eventually, my screams came out and my nana came running up the stairs and got me out the bath.
My second encounter was a weird one. I was asleep in my room one night when I suddenly woke up. I think I was around 10 years old this time. I felt something shift at the bottom of my bed so I sat up thinking it was our family dog. It was then I saw a lady in a flowing gown sat on the bottom of my bed, she had a bright white light around her and she looked exactly like my nana. I lay back as quick as I could and covered my head with the blanket. I was terrified, my Nana must have heard me crying so she came in to check on me and I explained everything that had happened. She told me ghosts won’t hurt me and Sat with me until I fell back to sleep.


By the time I was 21 I was amazed by anything paranormal so my partner at the time and I booked a weekend away with my nana and uncle Paul to the schooner hotel in the UK. We had some drinks in the bar and sang on the karaoke before we headed up to our rooms. Apparently, this hotel was one of the most haunted places in the northeast but I didn’t know much about it. We asked the owners to take us into the cellar and they did. It was creepy as hell but I didn’t see anything. Knowing we were staying in a haunted hotel my uncle Paul, Nana and I walked the halls of the hotel. We came to a hallway and I got such a horrible cold feeling which stopped me in my tracks. My uncle who was a few steps in front of me stopped when he realised I had… Suddenly I see a small shadow and we all heard a squeezing sound. We later found out that there was a young boy who died here and used to ride a trike around the halls. We were very shook when the staff told us this.


My final experience was at 23. My ex-partner and I booked a night at the famous Chillingham castle. We stayed in the grey room. It was a beautiful place and lovely to walk around through the day. We had booked to go on the ghost tour that night so we sat in our room after tea waiting for the nightly ghost tour to start. I kept smelling roses but there were no flowers in the room. I thought nothing of it and we watched some TV. Behind us in our room was a long dining table with chairs around it.  I began to feel very nervous and started hearing breathing behind me. I slid down the couch I told my partner about the breathing and he laughed. He stood up to say nothing was there but what he found was one of the dining chairs turned around to face me behind my head.
When we met up with the guy who was giving the ghost tour he asked what room we were staying in, so we told him the grey room. He asked us if we had smelt roses in the room to which I nodded. He said the room we were in is the ladies chamber and often guests report smelling rose perfume. By 2 am I was in bed and was begging my ex-partner to take me home. It felt like I was being watched the whole time but I eventually fell asleep. I have never been back to Chillingham castle since.
So those were my ghostly encounters, it’s not many but they are 100% true. Have you stayed in a haunted place? Let me know in the comments.

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