Potty Training Tips That Actually Work

I’m a proud mum of 4 and I started to introduce the potty to my 2-year-old daughter last month. I’m very proud t say that she is now weeing and pooping in her potty like a little pro. She has come a long way from refusing to even sit on her potty in such a short time. I decided to share my potty training tips that actually work with other parents facing the potty struggle.

In the beginning…

At first, when My husband and I decided to introduce the potty to our little girl she was having none of it. We bought her a bright pink standard potty but getting her to even sit on it was a struggle. We ditched that potty and got her a potty chair which she seemed to show more interested in.

We started the whole potty thing with her just sitting on it, we gave her loads of praise and a sticker each time she did. Once she got the idea that the potty was a good thing the nappy came off, sure we had some accidents on the carpet but that’s all part of the learning process.

Bearing all…

We then made the decision to ditch the day time nappies completely unless we were going out somewhere. We didn’t bother putting anything on her bottom half because she would just wee in her knickers. We made sure to give her lots of fluids so we had plenty opportunities to direct her to the potty when an accident happened. when she successfully made it to the potty we would clap our hands and give her lots of cuddles, soon enough she was correcting herself and using her potty.

Top Tips:

  • If you think your child is ready just ditch the day nappies and go for it.
  • Don’t worry about accidents, they will happen and are easily cleaned up.
  • Naked time means no confusion with having to pull down underwear.
  • Lots of fluids is the key to learning quickly.
  • Don’t give up.
  • Lots of praise because kids love pleasing us.

Now our daughter is using the potty like a pro and even pooped in her potty the other day. We don’t have to remind her about using her potty anymore because she just feels the urge and goes. Next step for us is no nappies when out and a toilet seat. If you stick to your guns and go with the flow your child will be using their potty in no time.

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