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Pokemon Nail Art Tutorial (Step by Step)

Hey, everyone, I’m back with another nail art tutorial. I decided I wanted Pokeball’s on my nails so that exactly what I did. These nails were so simple to do and a whole lot of fun. Once they were done and I showed my 4-year-old he loved them (He’s a big Pokemon fan).

Step One:

Firstly I applied a white base colour using Rimmel Londons Hot White Love. I let that dry and applied a Barry M Wet Set quick dry topcoat.

Step Two:

I painted half my nails Red using Revlon Forbidden (My favourite red), with the help of these white nail stickers. Peel up the stickers before your polish dries for the best result.

Step Three:

Once my nails were dry using a striping brush I drew a black line across my nail. I then added these circle nail stickers and painted the middle black and peeled it up. As you can see the nail stickers were just the right size for the job.

Step Four:

I then used a dotting tool and added a white dot in the middle of the black circle. Once my nails were dry I added a top coat and that was that. See I told you it was easy.

These nails are perfect for any Pokemon fans out there. Ok, I’m ready to go and catch some Pokemon I will be back with another nail art tutorial soon.

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