The Originals Season 5 Spoilers | Will Hayley And Elijah Work it Out?

As every fan of The Originals knows by now that season 5 is going to be their last. The Originals season 5 will air sometime in 2018 and no doubt will be going out with a bang. Even though the show is sadly coming to an end, I’m still excited for what season 5 will bring.

It appears there is still hope for Hayley and Elijah in the upcoming final season. This will please most fans including myself because let’s face it if there was ever a couple who was meant to be together it was these two.

At the San Diego Comic-Con, Julie Plec revealed to the audience that they were not closing the doors on the star-crossed lovers. Although there is a chance for Hayley and Elijah it is will not likely happen early on in season 5. They will first have to deal with the consequences that come with being a part of the Mikaelson family. As we know Elijah is not supposed to break the pact he made with his siblings in order to protect Hope (Klaus and Hayley’s daughter). Hayley, as we know, has to stay in New Orleans if she wants her daughter to be safe.

When The Original season 5 returns back onto our screens rumors have it that Hayley will have a human boy toy named Declan played by Torrance Coombs. Marcel will show up unannounced to Elijah due to him wanting to use our honorable vamp Elijah as a pawn. Question is, will Elijah break his promise to his brother Klaus? In the teaser promo, it looks like he is willing to break that promise as you see the brother reunite.

Other rumors suggest that with the fate of his family having to stay apart Klaus is going on an all you can eat killing spree to help him deal with his mystery. (Could this be when Caroline Forbs steps in?). As we all know from watching past seasons Klaus Mikaelson definitely has a very dark side to him and that side comes out to play when he is hurting the most.

Who else is looking forward to The Originals Season 5?

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