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Why Is There So Much Hate For Falling In Reverse New Video Fuck You And All Your Friends

I’ve noticed a lot of hate going around for the new Falling In Reverse Video Fuck You and All Your Friends… But Why? I am a huge fan of the band and I think the new Falling In Reverse Video Rocks! So why all the hate?

The band Falling In Reverse have a new video out named Fuck You And All Your Friends as I said before. The song is from their newest album coming home and its definitely one of my favourites from the album.

I was so excited when I saw the new video and instantly hit play. I watched it maybe 4 or 5 times off the trot because… Why wouldn’t I, it’s a new freaking video! I started reading comments on YouTube and found myself getting quite pissed off.

One comment, in particular, infuriated me! Someone wrote a totally ridiculous comment saying Ronnie Radke is a 30 something-year-old man and he’s acting like he’s in high school in this video. Seriously!!! Well, Mr whoever you are I am here to say this… Does being 34 years old mean you cant jump around and have fun…. Errrm No! 34 is NOT old in the slightest and it is his god given right to do whatever the hell he wants in his fantastic videos!

As you can see in the video Ronnie proudly promotes anti-hate against racists out there with his very awesome leather jacket. The video is very punk and Ronnie is seen with black eyes and a cut on his head. Whoever the song is for he obviously feels very strongly about letting them know how he feels.

The Video is full of fights, moshing and punks and is a fantastic fit for the song. Even with black eyes, Ronnie is just as amazingly handsome as always. If you don’t like the new video the solution is very clear… Don’t watch it!



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