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Mistakes In Movies That The Editors Should Have Spotted

I’m sure when editing these movies the editors either didn’t spot these movie mistakes or they thought no one would notice. Oh how wrong they were… Here are the top 10 funniest movie mistakes that the editors really should have spotted.

What’s is the funniest movie mistake you have ever noticed? Let me know in the comments. Let’s jump straight into this top 10 movie mistakes I’ve spotted.

Jurassic Park:

For anyone who loves dinosaurs, this movie is a fantastic choice. Most people when seeing the movie were so amazed by the fantastic animatronics that they didn’t  notice the sprinkler in the studio which was turned on for a rainy effect.

Terminator 2:

Did anyone else notice the rubber knife in terminator 2. Sure it’s more likely meant to show off how solid the Terminator is but surely it wouldn’t bend quite that easily.

Pirates of the Carribean:

We all know how pirates should look right? So why is it there is clearly a cowboy in the background of this scene?

Pirates Of The Carribean:

Once again with the very handsome JohnnyDepp. I didn’t realise pirates bought designer headwear, but obviously, I was wrong considering Johnny Depps Adidas tag is showing.


Now wither there were two Titanic ships in this movie or the editors made a massive mistake considering there are 2 different styles of the deck.


The Goonies:

The Goonies is one of my most favourite 80s classics but did you notice the water bottle next to Chunk… One minute it’s empty and dusty and a moment later its full.


Star Wars:

In this classic movie did anyone else notice the Stormtrooper hitting his head on the door… I bet that hurt!



People went crazy for this movie but did anyone notice John holding his smartphone upside down when making a call?



I didn’t realise planes were invented back in Roman times… Now that’s just downright lazy editing.



The Twilight movies are my guilty pleasure… I feel you all wrinkling your nose up at that comment (Oh the judgment). I have to admit though I didn’t spot the boom mic reflection in the truck window until the 4th time I watched it.

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