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The Mirror Realm (Book One) By Tim O’Rourke | Review

I settled down for the night with my kindle in my hands ready to read The Mirror Realm By my favorite author Tim O’Rourke. Book one of The Mirror Realm is the first installment of The Lacey Swift Series and I seriously could not put it down.

Tim O’Rourke has written over sixty books including the number one seller The Kiera Hudson Series. The way Tim writes his stories is truly amazing, your not just reading Tim’s books, you get sucked into a different world as he describes every little detail in depth.

The Mirror Realm Book One:

Normally it takes me a little time to get truly sucked into a book but with The Mirror Realm, I found my self Instantly wanting to know more by the time I had turned the first page. The story starts off with finding out that Lacey and her twin sister Thea have been kept prisoners and drugged by their uncle since their parents died. Lacey manages to escape from this horrid family member and makes her way through the woods. Shes cold, tired and afraid when she stumbles across a mirror. She enters the mirror and it takes her to a different world known as the mirror realm which is home to werewolves and vampires.

Tim as always writes his characters with such intent that you can’t help but fall in love with the characters. One particular character for me was abe a smart-mouthed, self-assured guy who was to help Lacey save her sister by saving the queen of the realm.

The storyline is fantastic in every way and isn’t short of its humorous parts. If you love a good fantasy book then I would strongly recommend you give this wonderful book a try. As soon as I finished the first book I jumped straight into the Kindle store and started reading book two due to the cliffhanger Tim left me with in book one.

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