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Marker Pen Nails (Step by Step)

Hello, everyone, I’m back with another nail art tutorial. This time using marker pens to get an amazing water colour effect. It’s super simple to do and hardly takes any time at all. If you like this look and would like to see how I achieved it then keep on reading for the full step by step guide to these beautiful marker pens nails.

Step One:

Paint your nails with a white base coat and let it dry. I like the Rimmel London White Hot Love because it’s nice and thick instead of milky like most white polishes. Add a second coat if you think you need one and your nails are ready to add a marker pen design.

Step Two:

Pick the colours of marker pens you would like to put on your nails. I picked pink, purple and blue but you can choose any colours you like. I find the more vibrant the better they work.

 Step Three:

 I drew on some random shapes on my nails using the marker pens I picked leaving just a little of the base colour on show.  I like to do one nail at a time but that is just personal preference.

Step Four:


 Using some Cleanser plus or rubbing alcohol and a brush lightly dab the nail and watch the colours blur together. Once you have your desired effect just add a quick dry top coat and you will have a lovely simple yet effective watercolour on your nails.

Finished look:

It’s hard to think that these beautiful nails were so easy and simple to do with the use of marker pens. If you like you can follow me on social media by simply going to my contact page and clicking on my social media buttons. If there are any nail art designs you would like me to try out then feel free to drop me a comment.
Thanks for reading my post and for visiting my website. I hope your day is full of rainbows and sparkles.

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