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Little Nightmares Theories | Granny, Six, Hanging Man And More…

Little Nightmares is one of my most favourite games at the moment and I can’t wait for the 3rd part of the game to be available this month. You cant play Little Nightmares without your mind ticking over with many theories. Here are my Little Nightmares theories let me know what you think.

I would love to hear any theories about the game you have so feel free to drop me a comment and share your thoughts with me. Now I’m not going to randomly waffle on like I normally do lol… Lets jump right into my Little Nightmares theories shall we! Please remember that these are just my theories and I could be wrong.

The Granny:

I’ve already posted a granny theory which I will put the link here… Is Granny Mother To The Twins In Little Nightmares In case you want to check it out. I started thinking about the granny some more and I came to the conclusion that she has been there since she was a little girl and the picture you run past when the guests are chasing you is actually her and The Lady. Like I said in my previous granny post I think she started to take pity on the children of the Maw and started to help them escape which is why she was banished.

The Hanging Man:

The hanging man that Six comes across is a great mystery and I can’t help but wonder if we will ever find out who he is. I personally think that he and the Granny ended up in a relationship which is where the twins came from. It would explain the need for the large nursery don’t you think? I think when the Granny was banished to the depths he thought she had been killed and he couldn’t live without her so he hung himself.

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Could it be that the little girl in the yellow raincoat is called Six due to her being 6th in line to become The Lady of the Maw? It becomes very apparent when the Lady gives in and holds out her neck for Six at the end. It would also make sense due to the fact that she sucks the life out of everyone she walks past at the end. Could Six Be The Lady in the last DLC? we will have to wait and see.


In the second DLC of Little Nightmares, the Gnomes play a bigger part and help the Runaway Kid. I thought for a while that the Gnomes were once children and at the end of the 2nd DLC when they are around the furnace their shows show up as the shadows of children. Could it be that any child that has tried to escape faces the horrible fate of having their souls put into Gnomes and are made to keep the Maw running? I think the Gnomes are possibly going to be the heroes of the end game and due to that, their souls will be being freed.

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