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Lillyanne Psychic Medium And Dean James Fox Face A Terrifying Haunting

Last night as I lay in bed I witnessed a real haunting live with psychic mediums Lillyanne and Dean James Fox. I have always been a great believer in this kind of thing but to see live footage of a terrifying haunting was truly amazing.  (Photos Included for proof).

Sadly I have never received a reading as of yet from the amazing Lillyanne but I never miss a live video. Lillyanne took things to another level last night when she showed us so much actual activity during one of her live videos.

Lillyanne and dean got poked, prodded, pushed and grabbed by a monk spirit who had followed a girl home from their previous haunt. If you don’t believe in this kind of thing then believe me when I say that the photos I did manage to get will send a chill up your spine for sure.

Lilly and dean managed to capture an actual voice telling them to get out of the home and there is no denying that this spirit was not a nice man at all. Poor dean got Lillyanne’s purse thrown at him, there was a can of pop thrown across the room and the orbs were just in full force.

Many people may argue that the orbs are dust particles but as Lilly has explained to her followers before dust does not respond to voices. The orbs were truly mesmerizing to see and could be seen in a range of colours and sizes.

As well as the horrible monk there was also 4 victorian children in the home. The children loved it when Lilly sang ring around the roses and set off the lighting equipment that had been set up to show activity.

This terrifying haunting soon took a bad turn when the evil monk we now know is Carl Anthony tried to take over the mediums bodies and started throwing more items around such as pictures off the wall and even Lilly’s phone. Still, don’t believe me? Check out these chilling images below.

(Photos Above: The moment the monk tried to take over Lillyanne and Dean)

(Photos Above: Can you see the monk in the mirror?)

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6 thoughts on “Lillyanne Psychic Medium And Dean James Fox Face A Terrifying Haunting

  1. I’m a strong believer of life after death and last night after watching lillyanne and Dean James fox it took it to a whole new leval for me my God every hair on my body stood on end my whole body was freezing cold and I have a heart condition which normally doesn’t take anything to trigger an episode with it racing but from the sec lillyanne screamed out it started to race and I was unable to bring it under control even with my meds till well into the night guys you were absolutely amazing at showing non believers theirs life after death my mum and Nan always said to me it should be the living your scared off after last night I no longer go with that would love to see more of what you did last night but always stay safe guys love and light to the both of you xxx

  2. I watched this last night. At times it was quite terrifying but at the same time I couldn’t stop watching. You could easily see the evil monk in the mirror and he was nodding his head up and down but I did feel sorry for the children caught up with him. Lillyanne and Dean James Fox were amazing and was so pleased to hear that Amanda is ok. Can’t wait to see more of the same.

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