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Learning Games Using Plastic Cups

My little man has started reception and has begun learning words, number recognition, reading and so on. I also have a 2-year-old who can learn the same way. We started homework time at home and made it fun by making games with simple plastic cups.

I didn’t want learning to be a bore for my kids so while I was in my local Poundland store I had a lightbulb moment. After buying a load of plastic disposable drinking cups, I headed home and came up with some learning games.

Learning Numbers Matching Game:

I took 20 of the cups and wrote 2 sets of numbers from 1-10. I used nail varnish because it’s more durable than a marker and won’t rub off during our learning play. I also added dots to the top to match the number of the cup so if he struggles with the number recognition we have the dots to count for a little extra help.

The aim of the game is to pass him a cup and ask him what the number is on it. He then has to find the matching number and pair the cups together. We have a lot of fun with this homework time and tend to squeeze it in daily so he gets used to how the numbers look.

Sight Word Matching Game:

Basically, you do the same as above but since my son is learning the words “and, I, to and the” that’s what we put on the cups. The game works the same way… I pass him a cup and ask him what the word is and then to find the matching cup and pair them up.

These games work so well because they have to look and match up the word which makes it easier to take in and a lot more fun in a fun way. Why not try it for yourself. I plan on making alphabet and colour cups too for my 2-year-old so she can have fun while learning too.


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