Where I lay My Babies to Rest | A Mothers Poem to Her Children in Heaven

I’m a Mother of 6 children, 4 of which I watch grow, laugh and play. I also have 2 children in heaven and there isn’t a day goes by when they are not in my heart. I wrote this poem for my darlings Frankie who passed away at 4 days old in 2006 and Korey my sleeping angel who was stillborn when he came into the world in 2011. 

To anyone else suffering the loss of a child know you are not alone and you will find the strength carry on. Thank you in advance for clicking on this post and for reading my heart felt words.

I’m at your grave side my darlings,
Do you even know I’m here?
Are you looking down upon me,
As I shed my millionth tear. 

I want to wrap my arms around you,
And tell you it’s all OK.
Oh my sweet, sweet darlings,
I wish you never went away. 

I wish I got to watch you grow,
And smile, laugh and play.
But my darlings God had other plans,
He decided you couldn’t stay. 

It broke my heart to watch you go,
And hurt so much to say goodbye.
So by your grave, I sit and weep,
And stay with you a while. 

I often look up into the night and wonder where you are.
I wish for you to come on home when I spot a shooting star.
I know my wish is useless but I do it anyway
Darlings how I miss you,
my life will never be the same. 

I send to you both this message,
Up into the sky above.
Hoping that you get it,
And you know it’s filled with love. 

One day I will see you again my loves,
And hold you to my chest.
For now, I will have to visit you here
Where I lay you down to rest. 

I love you baby Frankie and baby Korey.
All my love mammy xxx

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