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Jason Voorhees Horror Movie Nails Step by Step

It’s Halloween this Tuesday so to celebrate one of my most favourite times of the year I came up with these very cool Jason Voorhees horror movie nails. They are super easy to do and take hardly any time at all.

For those who don’t know Jason Vorhees in the killer from the Friday The 13th horror movie franchise. I really enjoyed coming up with these and I think its a perfect look for any horror fan. I will leave the links to everything I used at the bottom of the page in case you would like to check the stuff out.

Step One:

I painted my nails with white polish. I like to use french tip polish as I find it goes on a lot smoother than regular polish. I let it dry then added some liquid latex around my fingers.

Step Two:

I took a makeup sponge and dotted on some white polish and some Light brown (Chocolate by High Maintenance). I then sponged it onto my nails to make a dirty off-white colour.

Step Three:

On my middle nail, I took some of my favourite red polish (Forbidden by Revlon) and a dotting tool and added some blood drips.

Step Four:

On my pinky nail I used the same red and a thin nail art brush and drew on 13th.

Step 5:

On all my other nails I used a dotting tool and black polish to create the Jason Vorhees iconic mask. I added the red lines with a thin nail art brush. I let all my nails dry before adding a nice thick coat of quick dry top coat to seal everything in.

I must say I am pretty proud of how these turned out. I’m thinking of doing more horror nails so stay tuned for those. Feel free to like my Facebook page Busy Gal Blogs so you never miss a blog post from me.

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