Horror Movie Characters That Became Our Worst Childhood Fears

Over the years movies have brought us some pretty scary horror movie characters. Most of these characters scared the s**t out of me when I was a kid and first got into watching horror movies. Let me know who your horror movie fear was when you were a kid? If you already know me then you already know mine.


Pennywise was my biggest fear as a kid and paved the way for me to be still terrified of clowns today. Even though I’m now an adult I avoid looking in the direction of a drain, especially in the dark.

Freddy Krueger:

A Nightmare On Elm street was my downfall as a kid because even though Freddy Kruger terrified me I still wanted to sit and watch the other movies in the franchise. My friends and I would often sit at the park and tell scary stories about Freddy Krueger which always resulted in me sleeping with the light on.


Although I could happily sit and watch these movies now when I was a kid Chucky really did terrify me. I remember after I watched it I took every doll including China dolls out of my room because I was afraid of them coming alive.

Tangina Barrons from Poltergeist:

I don’t care what anyone says this lady and her voice was creepy as hell in the Poltergeist movies. *Shivers.

The Library Ghost From Ghostbusters:

Even though the movie was more a comedy than a horror that ghosts scared the socks off me.


Let’s face from a kids point of view what is not to be scared of when it comes to Pinhead. I mean come on look at the guy!


T-1000 is a scary shape shifting Terminator from The Terminator Franchise.

Creepy Guy From Poltergeist II:

Everything about this horrid man scared the s**t out of me.



Yeah, I’m pretty ashamed to admit this one but when those guys had other ones popping out of their backs… Gross! Those little things were evil to the core.

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