Most Heartbreaking Goodbyes in Movie History

We all have at least one goodbye scene in movies that tears the heart right out of our chests and leaves you sobbing into a tissue. I’m that much of a soft-hearted person I managed to come up with 10 movie scenes that left me truly heartbroken. Let’s take a look at the top 10 most heartbreaking goodbyes in movie history.

Let me know in the comments which goodbye in movies made you cry.

The Choice Of Sophie:

In Sophies Choice, Sophie ends up with the hardest decision you could imagine. She must decide which one of her young children will die at the hands of Nazis or they will both be killed.  Watching that little girl part with her mother is a sight I could never watch again.

Wilson Floats Away:

Wilson may just be a volleyball with a handprint for a face but when he rolls off that raft and floats away from Chuck I literally sob. To chuck Wilson is his best friend and to hear chuck scream Wilsons name across the ocean it rips a hole in your heart.

Too Old For Toys:

Yes, Ok they are toys but when andy leaves them behind with their new little girl, it broke me in two.

Armageddon Goodbye:

I can not watch this movie without a box of tissues beside me. The way he says goodbye to his daughter is truly heart-wrenching and I always end up being an emotional mess.


E.T Goes Home:

Eliot found a true best friend in E.T and to see the heartbreaking goodbye scene will be sure to bring a tear to your eyes.

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I’ll Never Let Go:

Everyone is bound to know what scene I’m on about just by the subheading. I was a teenager when I first saw Jack sink to the bottom of the ocean and had my family laugh at me as I sat sniffling in my seat.

Until Death Do Us Part:

The most heartbreaking Pixar movie I have ever seen is Up. The scene when Ellie dies is horrible to watch and really makes you feel for poor old Carl.

Goodbye, May Seem Forever:

From Pixar to classic Disney right now with a scene from The Fox And The Hound. When Todds owner has to leave him in the woods, even the song pulls at your heartstrings.

Molly Sees Sam:

Ghost is one of those movies that even had grown men sobbing like babies. The fact that Molly Finally Sees Sam is something we wish could happen when a loved one crosses over, which is what makes it so powerful.

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Goodbye Romeo And Juliet:

The story of Romeo And Juliet is a William Shakespear classic. In the modern movie, Leonardo DiCaprio plays Romeo and Claire Danes plays the part of Juliet. Although we all know the story of their doomed love the movie still hits your heart when you see the star-crossed lovers take their own lives.

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