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Halloween Corset Nails | Step by Step

These Halloween corset nails are really easy to do and look amazing. They would look amazing with a vampire costume this Halloween. These nails don’t just have to be for Halloween, personally, I would wear them gladly any day of the week.

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Step One:

I took a vibrant bright red nail polish and painted 2 coats onto all of my nails and let it fully dry.

Step Two:

I took some thin nail tape and sectioned my nail into three parts (just like the picture above). I left out my middle nail as I decided to use this as my accent nail.

Step Three:

Using some black polish and a small nail art brush I painted the side sections of my nails and peeled up the thin tape before the polish dried.

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Step Four:

Once dry I took a gold glitter polish and brushed it onto a piece of plastic as I wanted to extract some of the larger glitter pieces to make the corset holes. I simply took a small striping brush, grabbed a glitter particle and added them up the nails to make the lace holes.

Step Five:

I then used a striping brush and some black polish to paint the crossed lace of the corset. Once fully dried I added a glossy quick dry top coat.

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Accent Nail:

I decided to stamp some bats onto my accent nail using a jelly stamper, MoYou black stamping polish and my MoYou Suki No.10 stamping plate. I love the bat design on this plate! Once I stamped the design I topped it off with a MoYou top coat.

I then just cleaned up any polish off my fingers, because we all make mistakes and my nails were done.

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