Is Granny Mother To The Twins in Little Nightmares??

Oh boy! Have I got a theory and a half for all you gamers out there who enjoy the epic horror game Little Nightmares.  I recently became a little obsessed with Little Nightmares and came up with some pretty plausible theories that no one has even touched yet involving the granny and the twin chefs.

Little Nightmares has taken the gaming world by storm as everyone wants to know the story behind the game. The first part of the game Little Nightmares was released in April this year, then the second part followed shortly after in November with Little Nightmares Hideaway.

The game has left fans with many, many questions but the one that played on my mind the most is Who is the granny and why was she exiled to the depths of the Maw? Well here is my theory… Could it be the granny is the mother of the twin chefs? Here me out before you jump to the conclusion that I have no idea what the hell I am Talking about.

Let’s look at the facts! In the first part of the game when you play as Six you notice cells where children have been kept but further on in the game, you come across a playroom with some pretty large toys in it… Way too big for normal sized children and a set of two swings.

There are pictures of two children that stick out in the game on the walls of two children one with a hessian sack on its head and the other has a head that seems to look like a brain. Could it be that these were the twin chefs when they were children? When you look at the chefs it becomes apparent that the heads they wear seem like they are guest heads which have been used to cover up their real faces underneath.

My Theory:

Maybe when the Maw was first built it was to be a sanctuary for the Lady, Janitor, The hanging man and the Granny. Are they all family… I’m not sure…But maybe. My thoughts are that the Granny had a set of twins somewhere down the line and due to the Granny being the mothering type it was her job to take care of all of the prisoned children on the Maw. She soon started to get feelings for all the children and maybe helped some of them escape… Including Six. Due to her terrible betrayal towards The Lady, she got her twins taken away and was exiled to the depths to die alone and forgotten.

When you play as The Runaway Kid or as some call him Seven you see that The Granny is being thrown down fish heads. Now I have heard a lot of theories where people say it is the Janitor looking after her and feeding her but if you think about it it’s the chefs who are seen chopping up fish.  What if the chefs are throwing down the scraps to keep their mother from starving like any child would for their exiled mother.

What is your theory on The Granny? Drop me a comment and let me know.

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