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First Impression of Slender The Arrival | Ps4 Horror Game

Hey, there fellow horror game lovers! I know this game has been out a while but since I just got into gaming I decided to give it a go. Here is my first impression of Slender The Arrival.

The story behind the game is this fictional character known as Slenderman. Slenderman is known for stalking, capturing and torturing people, particularly children in most the stories. He can blink (teleport) from place to place and often shows up when you least expect it.

First Impression:

The game starts off with you walking through the woods to get to a house. In the house, you find items such as notes, keys a flashlight and so on. At first, I found the game to be painfully slow until a scream occurs and you go outside to investigate. Walking around through the woods in the dark was creepy AF and I started to find the game more appealing.

I soon started to get creeped out while playing because you just know something is going to happen but you just don’t know when. Although the game starts off slow the second part soon bumps up the creepiness and things take a terrifying turn. Playing this game made me feel very uneasy and on the edge of my seat while I waited for the jump scares to happen.

I have no idea how kids who play this game don’t have some pretty messed up nightmares. I’m an adult and having the screen go fuzzy and the Slenderman pop up in my face scared the pure s**t out of me, to say the least. I got that creeped out I had to actually stop playing and haven’t yet gone back to it although I intend to.

Not to blow my own horn here but I have played games such as Bioshock and Resident Evil 7 and I didn’t jump as much as I did during this game. The game just knows how to suck you in with its creepy atmosphere and has you feeling quite vulnerable during gameplay. So that’s my first impression, Am I just a super wimp or does this game creep you out too? Let me know in the comments what you think of Slender The Arrival.

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