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Easy Halloween Nail Art

It has been a while since I posted a nail art post so here I am with a cute step by step tutorial today. With Halloween approaching fast I decided to start getting some easy Halloween nail art out there. This design all in all took approx 15-20 mins so it’s great if you’re in a rush.

I will leave the links to everything I used at the bottom of the page. Everything I buy is from eBay because who doesn’t love a good bargain?

First of all, I painted my nails green and white using Rimmel London White Hot Love and Loreal Paris Green LOL. I let those dry and added a nice thick quick dry top coat using Barry M Wet Set, once again let that dry before the fun begins.


On my thumb nail, I went with a spooky tree using the Suki stamping plate by MoYou London. I Painted a part of the tree with black MoYou stamping polish and used my marshmallow stamper to place the design on my nail.


On my pointer finger, I took some circle nail decals and placed one in the center of my nail. I added a little bit of my favorite red Revlon Forbidden to the center cut out and peeled off the decal. Once it was dry I used a large dotting tool to make the pupil and a small dotting tool to add the white highlight. I took an angle brush next and added some red veins.


I just simply took a dotting tool and dipped it in the Rimmel London white and added random pairs of dots. Then I just used the smaller dotting tool and added the black pupils.

Ring Finger:

The mummy design is my favorite I think this little guy is just so cute! With Rimmel London Hot Black To Go I added a stripe across the middle of the nail. Then using a small striping brush I simply added bandage lines. The eyes are made the same way as the middle finger.


For my Pinky I just added some stitches with the same black as before on a small striping brush and free handed some stitches. (Mine would have been neater but my son wanted a drink so I rushed them lol).

Now just add a quick dry top coat to your nails and you’re good to go! As promised below you will find the links to everything I used.

Links (just click on the item name)


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