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Easy Halloween Nail Art | Step by Step Guide

Autumn is finally here so I thought I would celebrate with some more super cute and easy Halloween nail art. I really enjoyed doing these nails and I just love the colours. Keep on reading this step by step guild to my easy Halloween nail art if you would like to know what I used and how I did them.

If you would like to see me do some more themed nails, let me know what you would like to see me try in the comments. You can also follow me on my social media by clicking my contact page. I will put links to everything I used at the bottom of the page. Let’s dive on into this step by step guide…

Step one:

Firstly I painted my nails in this beautiful neon green using Artistic Colour Revolutionary Polish and let it dry before I applied Barry M Wet Set quick dry top coat.

Step Two:

I applied striping tape to my nails (see picture above). I randomly made the shapes and picked my next two polish colours.

Step Three:

I Used a beautiful shimmery orange colour by Wet n Wild Vitamin C on one selected section on each nail and peeled the striping tape off near it.

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Step Four:

Then Using Collection Raspberry Pink polish I done the same as I did above in step three.

Step Five:

I cleaned up any mistakes around my finger using a cleaning brush and acetone and let my nails dry. I then took some black acrylic paint and a striping brush and went to work on the stitches.

Step Six:

Using a large ended dotting tool I added 2 white dots to random nails on the green sections then used a smaller one to add a dot into the center of those making cute little eyes. I let it all dry and topped it off with my Barry M top coat and I was done.

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