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Easy Fall Nail Art Step by Step

My favorite season of all is almost upon us. The conkers are falling, the leaves are changing colour and the rainy days are coming in hard and fast. Autumn/fall is the best time of year for many reasons and one of those reasons in fall-themed nail art. Here is my tutorial to easy fall nail art… I hope you like them.

With Autumn comes beautiful oranges, reds, and browns as the leaves change and fall from the trees which is why I picked these beautiful colors for my nails. If you like these nails then please check out my other nail art posts. Just click the nail art tab and take a look at my creations. Enough chatter from me because you’re here for my easy fall nail art so let’s jump right to it. I will leave the links to everything I use at the bottom of this post, I like a good bargain so all my items come from eBay…

Step One:

First I painted my nails with a beautiful orange shimmer nail polish (Spoiled Wet n Wild Vitamin C). It’s such a vibrant and thick polish and is very nice to apply.

Step Two:

I applied liquid latex around my nails and got my makeup sponge at the ready to do a lovely fall gradient. I applied the Vitamin C polish and my favorite red (Revlon Forbidden) and dabbed it onto my nails. I peeled off the liquid latex before my polish dried and cleaned up any missed bits with acetone and a cleanup brush.

Step Three:

I let the polish dry then added a nice thick coat of quick dry top coat (Barry M Wet Set).

Step Four:

I took a stamping plate, marshmallow stamper, and MoYou black stamping polish and stamped the design onto my nails. I cleaned up around my fingers with a cleanup brush and acetone. I then added the MoYou top coat and let it dry before adding another Barry M Wet Set quick dry top coat for extra protection.

That’s all there was to it, I was left with beautiful fall nails that there easy and quick to do. The links to everything are below as promised.



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