Disturbing Scenes Left Out of Movie Adaptions

As we all know a lot of amazing famous movies were once novels. Some of these stories are darker than we actually think, so dark that movies had to leave out some pretty disturbing scenes. What to know what I’m talking about then check out this list of disturbing scenes left out of movie adaptions.

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The Child Orgy Doesn’t happen in It:

For obvious reasons, both the original It and the It remake left this disturbing part of the book out. In the book, while the losers club is lost down the sewer they decided to have sex. Beverly the only girl of the group volunteers to have sex with the rest of the group.

Elsa Does Not Kipnap A Little Boy In Frozen:

It was always on Disneys to do list to make a movie adaption of The Snow Queen since the 30’s but they had a hard time with adapting this dark tale into a Disney movie. They found a way around it eventually and Frozen hit the big screens sending kids into a Frozen frenzy.

In The Snow Queen Elsa is actually a villain! Elsa kidnap’s a little boy and kisses him over and over to erase his memories of his family.

The Wrong Sister Died In My Sisters Keeper:

My Sisters Keeper is a tragic story of a teenagers fight with cancer and her sister Anna who was born just to be Kates donner. In the movie sadly kate dies at the end but that is not how the book goes.

In the book, Kate survives and Anna dies in a terrible car crash.

Arial Does Not Die At The End Of The Little Mermaid:

The Little Mermaid Disney Adaption is a big favourite when it comes to little girls. The movie has such a happy ending, but that is not how Has Christan Andersen’s book told the tale.

The Little Mermaid was a dark tale indeed and In the book, the prince actually chooses a human bride which leaves poor Arial to dissolve into sea foam.

There Was No Cannibalism In Snow White:

This Disney classic is full of cute dwarfs, comedy and of course catchy Disney songs. The book, on the other hand, was a lot darker. In the book the Evil Queen actually wanted the huntsman to bring her Snow Whites organs so she could feast on them, They also left out the Evil Queen being tortured to death.

There Was No Sleep Sex Or A Sleep Birth In Sleeping Beauty:

Sleeping Beauty is a wonderful Disney movie where a princess pricks her finger on the needing of a spindle and falls into a deep sleep due to a curse put on her. As we all know the prince shows up kisses her, the princess wakes up and everyone lives happily ever after.

Well… Here is the story in the book! Sleeping Beauty actually pricks her finger on a Flax splinter and falls into a deep sleep. Since the prince is unable to wake her he rapes her while she’s in this deep sleep and gives birth to twins.

Cinderella’s Step Family Don’t Lose Eyes and Toes:

We have all seen the Disney version of Cinderella and for many of us, it is a movie filled with Hope, dreams and of course love. The true tale, on the other hand, is very dark and twisted!

In the book, the stepsisters cut off their toes to try and fit into the glass slipper. If that wasn’t bad enough as punishment for how the family treat poor Cinderella they get their eyes pecked out by birds.





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