Most Disturbing Classic Disney Cartoons of All Time

What was Disney thinking??? It’s hard to look at all these lovable Disney Characters in the same way once you have seen them in these disturbing classic Disney cartoons. Let’s just say early classic Disney cartoons were more than a little shocking!

Oh, Disney, why you would think these cartoons were ever ok, is beyond me! let’s take a look at what I’m talking about in this list of the most disturbing classic Disney cartoons of all time.

Donald Duck’s Adventures In Germany:

In 1943 we see Donald Duck join the Nazi party but ends up as just dreaming and the cartoon plays out to be very disturbing indeed. Apparently, though the cartoon was to show kids back then how horrible an idea it would be.

Big Bad Wolf’s Offensive Disguise:

In 1933 Disney told the story of The Three Little Pigs in a very disturbing way! The big bad wolf dressed as a very offensive and bad Jewish stereotype in order to trick the three little pigs to let him in.

Cannibalistic African Natives:

In this 1945 Disney classic cartoon was deemed so offensive that the cartoon was actually censored and cut short.

Mickeys African Adventure:

This cringe-worthy cartoon from 1932 follows Mickey and Pluto transporting a shipload of musical instruments down the African coast. The duo are captured by some very offensive looking natives who try to cook and eat them.

Donalds Destruction:

Another offensive cartoon was this one that featured Donald celebrating the fact he has just wiped out an entire platoon of over offensive stereotypical Japanese soldiers. If this was brought out today there would definitely be a massive lawsuit waiting for the lovely people at Disney.

Will you ever look at these Disney cartoon characters the same way after seeing these classic Disney cartoons?  I don’t think I will be able too!



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