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Creepy Paranormal EVP Sessions That Will Send A Shiver Down Your Spine.

For those of us who love the paranormal here are some creepy paranormal EVP sessions caught on camera that will send a shiver right down your spine.  I love all things paranormal and have done for many years so when I came across these creepy EVP sessions I just had to share them.

For those who don’t know an EVP/spirit box is a device that allows us to communicate with spirits. Many may not believe what they are about to see but let me ask you this… If it was just white noise or whatever you think it is then how come in these videos something is answering these peoples questions?

I am about to share with you the best EVP sessions I have found on youtube and if you are currently in bed in the dark then I would turn your light on because these sessions are super creepy, to say the least.

Suicide Bridge:

Suicide Bridge in Pasadena, California is a place where many people have jumped to their death over the years. The bridge is also well known for its intense paranormal activity. In this video Youtuber, Mace Ravenwolf does an EVP session on top of the bridge with a friend and the voices he gets back are truly chilling. They manage to contact a woman who threw herself and her daughter off of the bridge in 1937 and also a dark entity.

Play With Me:

Let’s go to a Youtuber I’ve been subscribed to for a while now called Huff Paranormal. Watch as he carries out an EVP session after feeling a presence in his home. On the video, he picks up some pretty responsive orbs but its what can be heard on his EVP that I find chilling. You can clearly hear a voice chatting with him clear as day.

How Did Anna Die?:

This is an amazing spirit box session by Youtuber Michael Magee. Michael has been doing paranormal youtube videos for quite some time now but the one that shocked me to my core was this one. At the start, it’s all going amazingly as Michael finds out the name of his guardian spirit. He then starts chatting with another spirit called Anna who sheds some light on how she died when she mentions… “He touched me” and then with a very emotional voice says sorry.

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