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Child Movie/TV Stars Who Were Destroyed by Their Rise to Fame

When we tend to see cute child stars in movies and TV shows we don’t think about the effect their fame will have on their lives. It’s a huge thing for a child star to be constantly bombarded with press and paparazzi. Some kids can handle it great where as others begin to struggle with their fame. Here are five detailed examples where fame has destroyed these child stars lives.

I just want to start this post by saying in no way am I giving these celebrities any hate and in no way am I bashing them for their past. Did they make mistakes… hell yes but what right do we have to really judge them based on that? At the end of the day, these stars were children who were pushed into the spotlight at a young age. Before judging people maybe we should think about what they have gone through to be the way they are/were.

Macaulay Culkin:

Macaulay Culkin’s big rise to fame was at the age of 8 when he played the adorable little Kevin McAllister.  We all know the 90s movie Home Alone right? Well, Macaulay Culkin does not look like that sweet little boy anymore.
In 1995 it was said that Macaulay’s father was mismanaging his fortune which ended with a horrid custody battle between both his parents who fought for the rights to control of him and his money.
In 2004 he was arrested in Oklahoma after police caught him in possession of half an ounce of pot and some prescription pills to which he wasn’t prescribed. He received a differed sentence and was fined $540 in court costs.
I know that’s not really a huge deal compared to these other child stars but I think the reason this took the world by storm was due to the fact that he was once the sweet little Kevin in Home Alone. Thankfully he seems to be finding his feet once again and I wish him a lot of luck for the future.

Gary Coleman:

In 1978 10-year-old Gary Coleman was cast in a show called Different Strokes. He was such a little cutie and was well known for his funny little catchphrase “what you talking about Willis”.

When Different Strokes got canceled in 1885 he filed a lawsuit against his parents for spending the majority of his 18 million trust fund. Due to the fraud, his parents put him through he claimed to suffer from with depression and even tried to commit suicide on several occasions.
In 1998 he was arrested for punching a female fan who asked him for his autograph. Then a few years later after an argument with his girlfriend, and he was charged with disorderly conduct.
On may 26th 2010 he suffered a fall in his home and was hospitalised, two days later Gary column died aged only 42 from a Brian hemorrhage.

Lindsey Lohan:

We all know the cute little girl Lindsey Lohan used to be. In 1998 she starred as twin girls in Disney Parent Trap then went on to do Freaky Friday and let’s not forget Mean Girls. Every teen girl wished they were like her back then but things didn’t stay great for long.
In 2o06 she attended alcoholics anonymous meetings and ended up in rehab for a month. Later that year in may she was arrested on a DUI charge and only then only two weeks after that she was arrested for a DUI, Cocaine possession and driving without a licence. You would think she would have learnt her lesson but oh no…
In August 2006 she was sentenced to one day jail time, community service, 3 years probation and had to attend an alcoholics program.
In 2010 she entered rehab again and in 2011 she was arrested and charged with theft from a jewelry store…. And the list just goes on. I really hope she got the help she needed and is back on track with her life now.

Edward furlong:

This guy was my first ever crush so it devastates me to write this. At the age of 14, Edward Furlong played the role of John Connor in Terminator 2. Judgment day.
At the age of 15 he he became romantically involved with his 29 year old tutor that lead to his emancipation by 16 years old. However they stayed together for 6 years but split in 1998. A year later she stated she suffered terrible physical abuse at his hand which was the cause of the split. His career soon went down hill after allegations of alcohol, drug abuse and domestic violence.
He married his girlfriend Rachel in 2006 but in 2009 she filed for divorce due to domestic abuse. She also ended up filing a restraining order against him which he violated not once but twice.
In 2012 he was arrested yet again due to more domestic violence after he punched a female companion during an argument at an airport.
Again in 2013, he was arrested yet again for… yup you guessed it more domestic violence on his girlfriend monica keena. She filled a restraining order against him and just as he had with previous restraining orders he violated it twice.  July that year he avoided jail by agreeing to do 90 days in rehab and a years worth of domestic violence counseling. I believe he is now back on track with his life and I hope his counselling helped him with his issues.

Corey Feldman:

My second ever crush was Corey Feldman. He was in the news a lot last year but before we get to that let’s start at the beginning. I find his story completely heart breaking and no child should ever suffer the things he has suffered. If Corey ends up reading this, I want you to know that I believed you from the start and my heart goes out to you.
Corey feldmans first role was in a 1979 movie Time After Time. It was in 1987 that Corey became a little heart throb and a teen ideal when he appeared in The Lost Boys (hands down my favourite movie of all time).
At 14 years old he started drinking alcohol and smoking pot during the filming of Stand By Me. His dabbling with drink and drugs soon turned into a full blown addiction to cocaine and heroin.
In 1990 he was arrested for possession of cocain and heroine then after two further drug arrests he went into rehab in 1991 which he stuck out for 10 months. Finally clean and sober he took parts in b movies and TV shows before turning to his passion for music.
In 2017 corey hit the news hard when he came out saying he was molested by a Hollywood paedophile ring when he was a child star in the 1980s. I hope and pray Corey and anyone else who suffered at their hands get justice for everything they went through.

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