Bleaching Pinecones And Decorating Them

Did you know you can bleach pinecones? Well, now you do! They make beautiful crafts, especially at Christmas time. These beautiful pinecones would look lovely in a bowl on your coffee table, in a wreath or hanging on your Christmas tree. Follow these simple steps to bleaching pinecones and decorating them.

These lovely little decorations took no time at all to bleach and decorate. My kids and I found the pinecones on a nature walk through the woods. We decided to take some home for crafts and this is what we came up with.

Step One:

Put a bottle of thick bleach into a large bowl and add a little (not a lot) of cold water.

Step Two:

Put the pinecones into the bowl of bleach and pop a container on top to keep them submerged under the liquid.

Step Three:

Pop the bowl to one side for 24 hours. The pinecones will close but have no fear they will open up again.

Step Four:

Once the 24 hours is up, take the pinecones out of the bowl but be careful not to get any liquid in your eyes or on your clothes. I popped my pinecones in the bath and blasted them with the shower head to get the bleach off them.

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Step Five:

You can either leave them on a tray to dry for a day or so and open up, r you can pop them in the oven on a low heat for 30 mins.

Step Six:

Once they are dry the fun begins. I would usually use mod podge and glitter but because I was decorating them with my children we used glitter glue tubes. Granted they were more interested in making a mess than actually making the pinecones pretty… But at least they had fun. I took the glitter glue and added it to the edge of each bit sticking out and some on the inside.

Once dry these dull brown pinecones are now light and glittery and ready to be put around your home and on your Christmas tree.

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