Best Well-Hidden Easter Eggs in Classic Disney Movies

As everyone knows by now Disney likes to hide little nods to other Disney movies. These little nods are known as easter eggs. Here is a list of the top 10 well-hidden easter eggs in Disney movies. Warning this also includes the nude woman in The Rescuers!

Let me know in the comments which ones you didn’t know about. Let’s jump on this Disney movie list…

Nude Woman In The Window…. Yup Disney Made A Big Boo Boo:


In The Rescuers when Bianca and Bernard fly through the city they pass the photographic image of a topless woman in a window. The photo wasn’t discovered until home videos were paused or played in slow motion… Shocking right! Those early home video releases were recalled and later versions of The Rescuers edited out the naughty picture.

The Beast Is Hidden In Aladin:

If you look closely amongst the sultan’s toys in Aladin you will find the beats from Beauty And The Beast.

Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck And Goofy Hide Out In The Little Mermaid:

Can you spot Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy in the crowd beneath Triton?

Lady And The Tramp Characters Star In 101 Dalmations:

A Disney movie about dogs was bound to have a few doggy easter eggs right but did you spot Lady and the Tramp?

Bambi’s Mother Is In The Jungle Book:

The first Disney movie to make people sob like babies was Bambi. Have no fear though as Bambi’s mother didn’t stay killed off for long, after all, she can be spotted in The Jungle Book.

Scooby Doo And Ratigan Appear In Oliver And Company:

This one is a little hard to spot so look closely at the photo frames in the picture and you will spot Scooby Doo and Ratigan.

The King From Cinderella Stars In The Little Mermaid:

Disney characters tend to pop up all over the place in other movies, this is no exception for the King from Cinderella. Seems when he’s not trying to get his son together with an eligible maiden he’s sailing on a boat in The Little Mermaid.

Did You Spot Tinkerbelle In The Black Cauldron?

Tinkerbells sidekick can be found in Disneys Black Cauldron… Can you spot her?

The Aristocats Mimic A 101 Dalmation Scene:

Did you get a feeling of deja vu while watching The Aristocats? If not you should have as one of the scenes actually mimics a scene from 101 Dalmations?

Dumbo Blows Bubbles In The Great Mouse Detective:

Did you spot the Dumbo easter egg hidden in the toy shop in The Great Mouse Detective?



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