The Very Best Teen Slasher Movies

Teen slasher movies are as old as horror movies but in the 80s and 90s, the teen slasher movie genre seemed to blow up. Every other horror movie back then was based on teenagers getting hunted down and slaughtered by some angry killer or another. Here is my list of the top 5 best teen slasher movies ever.

Hands up how many of you remember these fantastic movies! I remember having sleepovers with my friends in my teen years and us all s**ting our pants at the slightest noise outside. What is your favourite teen slasher movie and why? Let me know in the comments.


Back in 1996 Scream was released and it was one of the biggest teen slasher movies to ever hit the cinemas and possibly the most popular slasher movie to watch during a sleepover. The movie follows a high school girl who becomes the number one target of a masked killer known as Ghostface. I loved everything about this movie from its black comedy to its who done it storyline.


Sometimes you can’t beat a classic when it comes to slashers and that is no exception when it comes to John Carpenters movie Halloween. Released in 1978 this movie is the most watched movie come Halloween night… Well, it is based on Halloween hence the title of course. The movie starts in 1963 where a young boy called Michael Myers stabs his sister to death. In 1978 he escapes Smith groves sanitarium and makes his way home to kill again.

A Nightmare On Elm Street:

It wouldn’t be a true teen slasher movie list if this one wasn’t on here! Freddy Krueger was literally the man of my nightmares and still to this day gives me the creeps.  The movie is based on a group of teens who live on Elm Street, they fall pay to a vicious killer who wears gloves with knives for fingers and a grubby stripped jumper.

I Know What You Did Last Summer:

This is one of my most favourite movies of the 90s based on its creep unique story. A group of four teens run someone over one night and rather than call the cops they dump the body in the ocean and make a pact to never speak of it again. A year later the teens start getting stalked by a killer who leaves them notes saying “I know what you did last summer”.

Urban Legend:

Fith on my list is this great teen slasher due to its great storyline and the fact that its just soooo 90s. The movie is based on a series of murders that happen on a university campus. All of the killings are modelled after popular urban legends. I love how these movies have such a unique storyline to them.

That’s my top 5, what would be on your top 5 list… Let me know in the comments.


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