Best Movie Characters Ever

Out of all the great movies that have hit our screens, we all have our favorite characters. This list was a hard one to come up with but I eventually decided on a best movie Characters list. Some may not agree with my choices but hey ho that’s the way the cookie crumbles I guess.

Frank N Furter:

Tim Curry’s role as Frank N Furter is a great love of mine and The Rocky Horror Picture Show is one of those movies that always lifts me up when I’m feeling down. Let’s face it Tim Curry strutting around is a Basque set and heels singing amazing songs is a terrific sight indeed. The character is sassy, bad, loveable and just all around amazing.


I love all Tim Burton movies, but I feel that Beetlejuice is his best character of all time. Played by Michael Keaton Beetlejuice is definitely the ghost with the most. The movie still cracks me up today and If Beetlejuice 2 goes ahead I would love to see Michael Keaton sporting the pinstripe suit once again.

Forrest Gump:

Everyone loves Forrest Gump, the slow-witted character played by Tom Hanks. Forrest is just an all around lovable character… That’s all I have to say about that (Forrest quote)


Everyone has bound to have seen The Terminator movies and if you haven’t then seriously go watch them. But I warn you now the second movie will probably make you cry and if not then your heart must be made of stone. The Terminator is a cyborg disguised as a human who is sent back in time to kill Sarah Connor.

Jack Sparrow:

Captain Jack Sparrow is a comical, deceitful, eccentric and very handsome, rum drinking pirate. The character is played by Johnny Depp in the Pirates Of The Caribbean movie franchise and you can’t help but fall in love with him. This is Johnny Depp’s best ever role in my opinion and he plays it so well.


Thor is a Norse God of Asgard played by Chris Hemsworth in the Thor Movie Franchise and also in The Avengers franchise. Not only is he super strong, super brave and carries a huge hammer he is also super handsome.

Ace Ventura:

Ace Ventura played by Jim Carrey is a wacky wonderful character in the Ace Ventura movie franchise. Although he is a very weird and goofy character he always gets the job done and solves the mystery.


Olaf the snowman from Frozen is the cutest snowman you will ever lay eyes on. He may be small but this cute little guy has a huge heart. In my opinion, he is the most lovable character from the movie and if it wasn’t for him the movie wouldn’t have been as good as it is. Safe to say I’m very pleased he has his own little spin-off coming to cinemas this November (Olaf’s Frozen Adventure).


Donkey voiced by comedian Eddy Murphy is an epic character from the Shreck Franchise is such a funny little guy who becomes best friends with a big Ogre. He may not be the smartest character from the movie but he is no doubt the funniest.

Wayne Campbell:

Ok, so I can hear many of you reading this saying omg why. well, I am about to tell you. As a kid, I loved the Wayne’s World movies and the character Wayne Campbell played by Mike Myers is always one I think of when I think back to my youth. I could even now happily watch Wayne’s World and still laugh along at the stupid jokes.

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