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Autumn Leaf Nail Art With Real Autumn Leaves | Just For Fun

I love the autumn and all the pretty colours it brings. I went for a walk with my sister today and our children, we were collecting conkers and leaves for some crafts. When I got home and looked at the leaves I thought I’m going to put them on my nails. Keep reading if you want to see how I did Autumn leaf nail art with real leaves.

If you like this post then feel free to like my Facebook page so you never miss a blog post from me. I really didn’t think the leaves would actually stick to my nails let alone look good if I had done them properly and wasn’t just messing on. It was kind of like using natures very own nail wraps lol!

Autumn Leaf Nails:


I didn’t bother removing the gel polish from my nails that I was already wearing because I was just going to soak them off once I had finished the leaf experiment anyways. Let’s jump into how I put Autumn leaves on my nails…

Step One:

Firstly I picked out my leaves, as you can see we got some amazing colours! I then roughly cut the leaves to the shape and size of my nails.

Step Two:

I added a glossy top coat and let it go tacky. I found making the nail tacky first helps the leaf stick better.

Step Three:

I placed the homemade natural autumn leaf wraps on my nails one at a time and pressed them in place firmly.

Step Four:

I let the top coat under the leaf dry then took a small pair of scissors and cut off any excess.

Step Five:

I added two thick coats of a holo top coat and wrapped the tip so my leaves were sealed in and they were done. You don’t get more Autumn nails than these bad boys.

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