Autumn Crafts That Kids Will Love

Autumn is here and its a time in my house where we like to do some cute and fun autumn crafts. Here are 4 wonderful autumn crafts that kids will love.

My sister and I decided to enjoy a lovely autumn walk to collect conkers, leaves and twigs. When I took the kids home we decided to get out the glue and paint to have a crafty afternoon. Here is what we made and how we made them.

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Hand Print And Cork Print tree:

I drew around the kid’s hands and arm to make the tree and painted it brown. We then simply grabbed some corks I had been saving for crafty days (I’m a prosecco lover lol). I got the kids to dip their corks into brown, orange and yellow paint and dab it on their tree to make some colourful autumn leaves.

Autumn Leaf Wreath:

For this cute autumn craft, we used the leaves we collected on our walk. I took some paper plates and cut out the middle to make a base for their wreaths. I armed them with some glue and leaves and let them get sticking. As you can see they turned out really nice and were a lot of fun to do.

Pumpkin Plates:

As you can see we had a lot of messy fun with this quick and easy craft. All we used was a paper plate, paint and glitter. My husband made a Jack Skellington/Joker plate… Show off!

Leaf Hand Prints:

Another really simple and cute autumn craft we did was turning our hands into autumn leaves. We then cut them out and stuck them on the wall for everyone to see.

Happy Crafting Everyone!




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