Answering Ronnie Radke’s Question (Falling In Reverse Lead Singer)

Ronnie Radke is the lead singer and main songwriter of the band Falling In Reverse. It’s no secret that I am a HUGE fan of the band so I felt like Ronnie deserved to get the answer to a question he asked recently on Instagram.

I think I follow Ronnie Radke and the band on every social media they have… I promise I am not a stalker LOL! Ronnie recently took to Instagram and shared a photo he received off a fan and in the caption, he wrote…

I’m pretty flattered by the fans, but i’ve always had this question… Why in the hell do you love me so f**king much? I’M AN IDIOT!

Well, Ronnie Radke, I replied to that post on Instagram but I’m not sure if you saw it so here I am again with a post of my own letting you know exactly why you are loved as much as you are. I also wrote this post as to stick my middle finger up at all the haters out there and say a big F**K YOU to them.


Why I love Ronnie Radke:


Ronnie is an amazing singer and song writer as I’ve already said but he’s also a lot more than that. Ronnie has a unique style and does not give a shit what anyone thinks of him. He is easily the best singer on the alt scene and can sing in many different styles, his clean vocals are epic, his holistic’s are on point and his rapping skills are just down right awesome.

He lets his fans have a sneak peek into his life on social media and through all the hate has kept his head held high and his middle finger extended. The bands latest album is a little different to the band’s usual stuff but it’s amazing all the same. His voice sucks me in with every note and I find myself getting lost in the music.

He has faced a lot of issues in his life and has still come out on top and smiling that beautiful smile. He is an inspiration to his fans and isn’t afraid to say things how they really are. Not only is he a great music artist but he is also a very proud dad too. He is also one of the most gorgeous human beings I have ever seen, So you see what is not to like?

Sure sometimes he can be a bit of an idiot but hey ho ain’t we all at some point!

I just wanted to send this love out there in hopes it will somehow reach Ronnie and make him smile.Thank you for the songs.

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