About This Site

Hello everyone and welcome to the weird but wonderful world of me. I’m Sophie and I’m very proud to be bringing you my own little corner of the web. As you can see from my menu options I’m into a lot of things which is why I decided I needed to share my interests with the world.

I started blogging two years ago and I discovered I have a passion for it. So here I am launching my own website that I build myself. As well as a blogger I’m also a stay at home mum of 4 amazing children, a wife to the most supportive husband in the world if it wasn’t for him and all his help I wouldn’t be writing blog posts today.

I have a YouTube channel so if you would like to check that out its bitznvlogs.

I started blogging to try to control my panic disorder and depression a little better and I found it has helped me a lot over the past year. When I write posts relating to my disorder I find it helps me feel connected to the world and who knows maybe my writing could help someone going through the same things.

I’m a huge horror movie fan although I am huge wimpy pants and tend to cover my eyes a lot then sleep with the light on lol. I’m also a massive, massive, massive vampire fang-attic whether it’s a movie, Tv series or book I am all over it. My favorite author is the wonderful Tim O’Rouke who wrote a fantastic book series known as “The Kiera Hudson Series” If you love vampires like me then I suggest checking his books out.

Anyhow, I won’t ramble on too long and hopefully, you will find something here that takes your interest. Thank you so much for paying a visit to my little world and I hope whoever and wherever you are your day/night is an amazing one.


Much love Sophie XOXO