10 Horror Movies You Must Watch This Halloween

Halloween is a time for decorating the house, carving pumpkins and dressing up, but most of all its about being scared. This Halloween why not turn out the lights, get your popcorn ready and watch one of these amazing horror movies that are just perfect for Halloween night.

I’m not talking about movies such as Hocus Pocus or Casper the friendly ghost, I’m of course talking about scary Halloween horror movies that will send a chill up your spine and make you afraid to turn out the light. What is your favorite movie to watch on Halloween night? Let me know in the comments.


Ok, so it’s a cliche that this movie is on the list but it’s a great start to your Halloween watch list. John Carpenter knew exactly what he was doing when it came to this movie and it’s a movie that has gone down in Halloween horror history.

House Of 1000 Corpses:

This movie is all about the gore and gets serious Halloween points due to that fact that it is based on Halloween. Warning though put down your popcorn before watching or you might just throw up into your bucket.

Trick Or Treat:

Halloween night isn’t complete without this little treat. as you can guess from the movie title this movie too is Halloween based.

Night Of The Living Dead:

Sometimes you can not beat a total classic and if zombies are your thing then this movie is defiantly worth a watch. It may be an oldie but it’s one hell of a goodie.

The Innkeepers:

This movie creeps me out so much. If you love ghostly goings on then this movie is right up your street. If you are a wimp like me though you may not sleep for a week after seeing it.

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Fright Night:

If you’re a vampire fan like me then I suggest this amazing horror movie. It was made in a time before vampire sparkled and were actually evil bloodsuckers.


If there has ever been a movie that scared me the most its this one. I remember I was a kid when I first watched it and I had nightmares for months, even now hearing the line “There Here” sends a chill right through me.

Evil Dead II:

More of a light-hearted horror this time with some comedy elements to it. Don’t be fooled though when I say comedy elements because this movie has some terrifying parts too.


Let’s face it dolls are creepy to start with so a movie about a possessed doll is just what you need to give you a little scare this Halloween.

A Nightmare On Elm Street:

I couldn’t leave this movie out of the list considering its a timeless classic and Freddy Krueger is one scary dude.

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So that’s my favorite horror movies for Halloween, don’t forget to drop me a comment and let me know what horror movies you love watching on old Hallows Eve. 

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