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10 Of The Best Romantic Comedies To Watch This Valentines Day

Romantic Comedies are one of the most watched movie genres ever. So many romantic comedies have brought us amazing comedies with a side of epic romance. If soppy movies are not your thing then why not snuggle up with someone special this valentines day and watch a great Rom-Com.

Pretty Woman:

Back in 1990 Pretty Woman hit the big screen. The movie stars Julia Roberts as a down on her luck prostitute who is hired by a very wealthy and handsome businessman to be his escort to several social events. During this time the two fall in love. The movie is not short of its funny scenes and has a very memorable love story indeed.

10 Things I Hate About You:

This 1999 romantic comedy starring Julia Stiles and the late Heath Ledger was based on high school romance. The movie is about a new boy at school who falls head over heels for it girl Bianca but there is a big problem… Bianca is not allowed to date until her older, awkward and bad-tempered sister Kat does. Camron decides to get Kat a date and that is where the fun begins. The movie will no doubt make you chuckle as you watch the teens fall in love.

50 First Dates:

50 First dates is an epic love story about a girl who suffers from a fictitious memory impairment  (Drew Barrymore) and the guy who wants to date her despite the condition she has (Adam Sandler). The guy goes out of his way to get a date with this girl on a daily basis to make her like him all over again… Some days it goes pretty good but others, well, let’s just say ends up in hilarious disaster.

What Women Want:

This movie tries to answer the question that every guy has… What Do Women Want? Well, that’s a question Nick (Mel Gibson) wished for and he ended up with a lot more than he bargained for. One night while testing out woman’s products for his advertisement company nick falls in the bath with a hairdryer and ends up being able to hear the thoughts of every woman he comes across. This movie makes me laugh each time I watch it which is why It just had to be on this list.


Any movie starring Tom Hanks ends up being a great one… Including this 1984 romantic comedy Splash. Splash is sort of a real-life Little Mermaid situation but with a normal guy instead of a prince. Basically, guy meets girl, the girl is a mermaid, guy and girl fall in love. Its a great love story with great comedy scenes to boot. If you haven’t seen it I strongly suggest you do.


Cher is your typical Beverly Hills rich, it girl in high school. She takes the new girl in school under her wing to help her become popular. Cher eventually finds she has feelings for an unexpected person in her life at the end of the movie. The movie is a great watch and will be sure to make you laugh along the way.

27 Dresses:

27 Dresses is mine and my daughters go to romantic comedy when we have a girly night. The movie follows Jane, Jane is a go-to girl when it comes to wedding planning and ends up being a bridesmaid 27 times. You find out early on that Jane is head over heels in love with her boss but when her boss meets her younger sister he falls for her instead. This is a perfect movie whether you are having a girly night in or wanting to watch a rom-com with your partner.

40 Year Old Virgin:

The name of the movie says it all really… A 40-year-old man confesses to his co-workers and goes on a wild journey to finally lose his virginity. Starring Paul Rudd and Seth Rogen you know for a fact this movie is full to the brim with hilarious moments.

There’s Something About Mary:

This rom-com classic stars the beautiful Cameron Diaz as Mary. It also stars Ben Stiller, Matt Dillon, Lee Evens and Chris Elliot who all play comical characters in the movie who are head over heels in love with Mary. The movie has some very well known comedy scenes in it such as the hair gel scene.

She’s All That:

This movie was possibly the most popular teen romantic comedy of the 90s and with good reason… That reason was the dreamy Freddie Prinze Jr. The movie is based on a bet made by the most popular boy in high school and his friends.  Zack makes a bet with his friends that he could get any girl in school to become prom queen after he splits with his high school sweetheart. The girl they pick is Laney, a girl who loves art, wears overalls and glasses. Little did Zack know when making this bet that Laney would end up being the girl of his dreams.


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